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Product descriptions can make or break a prospective sale in your online store. Terribly written ones reduce trust– making it harder for customers to shoot on the sale. Plus, depending excessive on descriptions offered by the producer is a no-go. How do you write great product descriptions and how do you apply them to your WooCommerce online shop? Theres a helpful plugin that can assist you compose item descriptions: WooCommerce SEO.

Edwin Toonen

What is a good item description?

A great item description describes a product in an appealing way and is composed with the proper audience in mind. It differs from stock descriptions that appear on every other site and are customized for your business. It utilizes appropriate, easy-to-understand language– without overusing that language and reaching for hyperbole and superlatives.

To describe your products in such a way that it appeals to prospective purchasers, you can look at several marketing theories for aid. Try to believe of your items and see if you can write about them with the problem/agitate/solve copywriting formula in mind.

Resolve that problem, offer that solution

Heres an example of an intro composed via the problem/agitate/solve formula:

Issue: Maintaining material is hard, especially when you need to upgrade old content that is no longer appropriate or in line with SEO standards.Agitate: It is nearly impossible to discover the time to do whatever you have to do, and rewriting out-of-date content is frequently seen as a chore.Solution: The Yoast Duplicate Post plugin for WordPress makes content management easier thanks to the Rewrite and Republish feature. You can upgrade or reword existing posts in simply a few clicks.Writing like this provides you that “hmm, I have that specific same feeling”, while likewise getting a service to those problems. Obviously, this does not work for all products out there, however still. Among the most essential things to keep in mind is that you are providing an option and not a product– find a method to communicate that option in a manner that makes it a no-brainer for the consumer to desire it.

We have a post with seven suggestions to improve your item descriptions that dives into more detail on that. Naturally, our brand-new ecommerce SEO training course has a lot more on how to turn your online store into a money-making maker. In the post you are checking out now, were showing you how the WooCommerce SEO plugin can help you compose better product descriptions for your online store.

WooCommerce SEO has a devoted product-analysis

For example, it checks if you use lists in your descriptions and if you havent forgotten to fill out your brief description. It also loses some checks that do not make much sense on product pages. Because you desire to keep it on the product page to purchase the item and not send them to another page, one of those is the internal links examine.

To assist with that, weve come up with the WooCommerce SEO WordPress plugin. Just recently, weve added product-focused SEO and readability analyses to it which helps you compose a product description that is both SEO-friendly as well as buyer-friendly.

Of course, WooCommerce SEO features a great deal of other cool things. For example, the plugin comes with a Google preview, particularly for products. This indicates that you get a feel for how your product will look in Googles SERPs– examines stars and all. It likewise enhances the item schema structured data of WooCommerce, making it simpler for Google to understand your products. , if you combine it with Yoast SEO Premium youll also get the extra features from that plugin as well

The plugin has constantly utilized the analysis found in Yoast SEO however that one was not tailored to item descriptions. Now, we have a method to check item descriptions in WooCommerce SEO.

Assist your online store stand out!

Get this and much more in the Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin!

Check the product-specific SEO analysis

As a devoted user of Yoast SEO, youll feel right in your home. And, if you are a user of WooCommerce SEO youve probably written numerous item descriptions following the feedback you receive from the bullets. However, since WooCommerce 14.4, that feedback has been tailored to items.

The brand-new product analyses in WooCommerce SEO look much like the one youre currently familiar withReadability

While the readability analysis intends to enhance the content itself, the SEO analysis aims to make that material findable by search engines. Plus, it inspects whether you have actually consisted of everything Google requires to comprehend and present your site correctly.

SEO analysis

To make the readability analysis make sense for product pages, we made some changes. In a blog post, having loads of material might make more sense than in a product description. These kinds of modifications make the analysis much more useful for items.

Focusing on enhancing the readability of your product descriptions will pay off. The goal of those descriptions is not just to be found by search engines but more notably, to get individuals to purchase the stuff.

In the SEO analysis, youll find checks for images and image alt text, text length, meta description usage, subheading usage, and a lot more. It also consists of a number of keyphrase-based checks like keyphrase distribution, keyphrase density, keyphrase in introduction et cetera. These work as a tip for you to see if youve used your keyphrase properly in all the ideal places.

The readability checks in WooCommerce SEO assist you make your content easier to check out. Much easier to check out equals easier to understand equates to easier to act on.

All of these checks and the matching feedback aid you to produce better item descriptions.

How to optimize product descriptions in WooCommerce

Ideally, this post provided you a good idea of how to improve your item descriptions utilizing WooCommerce SEO. Keep an eye on the feedback and youll get a feel for what the plugin is trying to find. Keep in mind, not every bullet has to be green. Often, you wish to make your own choices whichs fine! Just make sure that the overall ratings are green, as you see in the screenshot above.

Include a brand-new product, fill in the item name, and set a focus keyphrase in Yoast SEO The road to the supreme product description can start with a new item or an existing one. Be sure to add an appropriate name for your product and– in many cases– youll also utilize that item name as a focus keyphrase to have WooCommerce SEO evaluate and enhance your item material. Compose a luring brief description for your item Many WooCommerce themes utilize the so-called item short description as an introduction to the item page.

Add a new product, fill in the product name, and set a focus keyphrase in Yoast SEO The roadway to the supreme product description can start with a new product or an existing one. Be sure to add an appropriate name for your item and– in many cases– youll likewise use that product name as a focus keyphrase to have WooCommerce SEO analyze and enhance your product content. Set a product image Product images are necessary to assist offer your item. Write an attracting short description for your product Many WooCommerce styles use the so-called item short description as an introduction to the item page. Fill in a great meta description and SEO titles You want your product to stand out in the SERPs and one way to do that is by making sure that your item title and meta descriptions are enticing.

Compose awesome descriptions in WooCommerce SEO.

By default, WooCommerce doesnt featured special SEO choices to improve your item content. Using Yoast SEO, you get the basic SEO analysis, however only with WooCommerce SEO, youll get the unique product-specific analysis. Lets get to satisfy that analysis– heres how to enhance product descriptions in WooCommerce SEO

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