Private Blog Networks: A Penalty Waiting to Happen?

And when it comes to which type of content to produce, infographics and lists win.

Ultimately, follow the standards of the blog site youre composing for. When it doubt, attempt to compose a post that will rank well on Google.
Then, the site will be more likely to accept your pitch, overview, and final draft.
2. Writing Testimonials
While guest blogging is among the most popular methods for producing backlinks, you may not have the time.
Writing reviews for other sites may be a more appealing technique if you dont.
Even if you do compose a visitor post, writing testimonials with a backlink to your site is a technique worth your time.
Its powerful and basic.
All you need to do is offer a testimonial for sites that you partner with.
Most of the sites will include a friendly backlink to your URL.
Just ensure that your review supplies genuine value. Write something like this, for instance.
Or provide something like this.

If thats not adequate motivation for you to stay active on your social media accounts, simply think about the extra traffic youll drive to your site with each post.
You wont only win social backlinks. Youll also create traffic, leads, and even conversions.
5. Constructing a Loyal Audience.
Youve stuck to me this far.
And now youre wondering, “How does building a loyal audience assist your SEO?”.
Whichs an excellent concern.
Unfortunately, the answer isnt as direct as you might like.
But it does exist.
Just consider, for instance, that active blogs draw 6.9 times more organic search traffic.

Personal Blog Networks (PBNs) declare to work since they produce backlinks– and that much holds true.
What about their other claims, though?
We understand backlinks work to enhance SEO and for that reason presence in the SERPs, but do PBNs work?
And if so, do they work well?
How do they even work?
Well, lets address those questions.

PBNs can be so efficient at building these backlinks that a person company experienced this difference in its rankings after dealing with a personal blog site network.

In the end, if you choose to use PBNs, understand that you risk of injuring your websites SEO.
Genuine pros exist, but only under a cloud of possible penalization by online search engine.
You might produce some fast domain authority with PBNs. While conventional methods take longer, they arent nearly as dangerous.
However if you wish to rise through the rankings properly, then here are 5 risk-proof techniques you can use rather.
1. Guest Blogging
Visitor blogging provides you a chance to provide worth for another persons website while also getting a backlink.
If you do it right, this strategy will be a win for the site you compose for and a win for your own site too.

For that reason, SEO agencies and experts alike use guest blogging as one of their link-building techniques.

You can do the same thing.
Simply discover blog sites within your industry and pitch the editors a short article over email. You can run off to consist of a backlink and compose to your own site if they accept your pitch.
Before you do, make sure that you ask the editor what their policy is regarding backlinks.
They might not want you to consist of a backlink to your website within the post itself, but theyll let you put it in your bio.
In any case, you win a backlink, and they win an important piece of content for their audience.

So, can PBNs increase your SEO?
Yes, naturally, they can.
Thats why many marketers use them at some time. Its why they have remained for so long, and its the factor that certain SEO firms make loads of money.
But whats the dark side?
Everything that goes up need to come down. Everything that sounds too great to be true is too great to be real.
Here are the cons you need to be aware of.
Cons: The Risks of Private Blog Networks
PBNs sound excellent.
That is until you discover out about the dangers included with using them.
Yes, they can increase your SEO and help produce passive traffic and causes your site.
That whole marketing strategy can quickly end up being a catastrophe if Google captures you.
In case youre questioning, yes: Google hates PBNs and purposefully attempts to punish individuals who utilize them.
Nevertheless, I comprehend the appeal.
I get it. SEO takes a very long time to start impacting your rankings.
The fast repair that PBNs offer is simply too luring for some marketers. You get quickly rankings, brand awareness, and, hopefully, earnings.
A minimum of, thats what the PBNs assure.
If all of that advantage can fade in a single minute of vulnerability, is it actually worth it?
PBNs arent technically a blackhat SEO method.

And heres another example.

Why is that the case?
Why does Google rank websites that have an active and upgraded social media existence better than those that do not?
The short response is that search engines wish to know your site is pertinent and active.
That tells Google to rank you much better if youre creating lots of shares and social signals.
This means that simply remaining active on your social media accounts can help your SEO. It really is that easy.
And the more engagement you get on your social media pages, the better.

Individuals share things on social media and through email because they want to look good to their pals.
That might sound egotistical, however its the human condition.
Ask yourself: What factor do people need to share this with their good friends? Will it make them appear funny, wise, kind, cool, or abundant?
To get shares, you need to target a minimum of among those motivations.
After all, those are amongst the top reasons individuals share material in the very first place.

Another strategy that works is spying on your competitors to understand whats performing best on social media. Heres a simple way to do so:
Step # 1: Visit Ubersuggest, Type Your Keyword and Click “Search”.
Action # 2: Click “Content Ideas” in the Left Sidebar.

Now, you might be worried that editors will not react to your e-mails.
But weve produced this convenient guide for visitor blogging proposals to assist you get started.
Keep in mind: dont give up early simply because you dont get an action.
Pitch enough puts with premium ideas, and youre sure to receive a reply.
Simply offer it some time.
And keep this in mind too. The ideal word count for ranking articles sits right around 2,400 words.

This suggests that simply publishing on your websites blog site regularly will benefit your SEO.
The more people who browse for your site and the more popular you become, the greater your domain authority will rise.
Simply put, with a faithful audience comes a much better ranking.
And, in turn, thats excellent for growing your audience.
You see, its type of like a self-sustaining, continuous cycle.
With a bigger audience comes much better SEO, and with better SEO comes a larger audience. And with a larger audience comes much better SEO, and on it goes. You understand.
Plus, the larger your audience, the more shares youll generate on social media, further helping your link-building strategy.
Of course, Rome wasnt built in a day, and you wont develop your audience overnight.
Developing a devoted group of followers is a process of posting consistent material over a long duration of time.
Youll cross times of discouragement and tribulation.
In some cases, youll wish to quit.
When you do, though, just keep in mind that getting new consumers is five to 7 times more pricey than keeping old ones.
In other words, all of that time and energy you commit to pleasing your existing audience will settle when youre attempting to market to them.
Plus, youll produce more attention and much better SEO from a faithful client base than you will from new and short lived consumers.
Personal Blog Networks Frequently Asked Questions.
Can you be penalized for using a Private Blog Network?

A 2016 experiment attempted to discover the effect that social media can have on your websites SEO.
In the study, one website with a boost in social shares experienced a 14.64% boost in rankings, and another site got a 6.9% SEO boost.

What Is a Private Blog Network?
Fortunately, personal blog networks are actually quite easy to understand.
At some time in the period of SEO, someone found out how to construct a huge amount of backlinks from high-domain authority websites without much effort.
They did it by purchasing expired domain names that had actually already established domain authority.
After gathering rather a big portion of these domains, they posted basic material to each website and consisted of a backlink to their primary site in all of the material.
And voilá! They instantly created loads of backlinks from high-domain authority sites.
At that minute, private blog site networks were born.
Think about PBNs like a database of websites that, when you pay, all provide your website backlinks.
It winds up looking something like this.
And with all of those backlinks your websites domain authority, SEO, and rankings all advantage.
It sounds great, right?
Why would not you wish to pay a bit of money to increase your rankings and create passive traffic to your site?
Thats the dream of many SEO specialists, after all.
Well, not so quick.
To assist you determine whether you ought to take advantage of PBNs, were going to first speak about the advantages that they need to offer. Then, well go over why they are a bit risky.
With that knowledge, youll be better prepared to make an informed choice on your own.
Pros: The Benefits of Private Blog Networks
While you may have heard that PBNs are rip-offs that will not assist your SEO, that claim is just partly real.
PBNs provide genuine advantages.
Prior to I get much further, let me discuss a fast disclaimer:
Ive never used a PBN for my own website and I dont advise using them for your site either.
Ill explain why a bit later on, but I wished to get that out in the open, so you understand where I stand.
For now, though, lets discuss why PBNs entice lots of marketers.
As I already discussed, backlinks fuel the success of private blog networks.
And exactly what is a backlink?
A backlink is a link that leads from an external website to your own website. And these little charms enormously help your SEO.
Backlinks communicate to online search engine that the connecting website trusts your site enough to associate itself with your domain.
That implies that the online search engine will trust your site too.
Its sort of the exact same thing as having fun with the cool kids on the play area.
That makes you cool when youre hanging with the cool kids.
To figure out which sites are worth relying on, search engines look at which websites are connecting to each other.
Because of that, link building is the top factor adding to the rankings of a website.

They arent white hat either.
Theyre a hack. They amount to a get-rich-quick scheme. And just like most comparable techniques, they include some major threats.
If Google discovers out, then they will penalize your site, and youll struggle to gain any considerable ground in SEO.
But how? How does Google penalize websites that use PBNs to improve their SEO?
How would they understand what youre doing?
Well, if all of the websites that youve received backlinks from are websites with very little activity, couple of updates, and almost no internal connecting, then Google gets suspicious.
Unfortunately, PBN sites typically have all of those specific qualities.
That makes it simple for a lot of online search engine to spot them.

Action # 3: Analyze the Results.
What you end up with is a long list of top-performing content related to your keyword.
The leading listing, “Marketing Legend Seth Godin on the Future of Branded Content,” has been shared 16,805 times on Facebook and almost 100 times on Pinterest. That provides you a pretty good concept that the material is share-worthy. Now, you can craft your material in a comparable manner, with the objective of achieving the exact same outcomes.
You do it, take the time to produce amazing, share-worthy material. Youll produce much more social backlinks, drive more traffic, and construct much better brand awareness.
Youre producing the material, so do the best that you can with it.
4. Leveraging Your Social Platforms.
Social signals play an enormous part in SEO.
Websites that remain active on their social media accounts, update their info, and generate more content shares tend to rank much better than sites that dont.
Simply on Facebook, that correlation is evident.

Yes, you can be punished for doing this.

Constantly consist of these two particular things in your review.
Offer a number that shows the success you experienced from utilizing their service or product (traffic or list building numbers, profits numbers, or the number of opt-ins, for example). When buying the service that the excellence of your experience quickly eliminated, talk about one concern you had. (For example, “The cost point seemed a little high in the beginning, now I understand that every single cent was worth it! I d even invest more for this service, however dont tell them I stated that.”) With that start, youll be off and writing reviews for your partners in no time, producing backlinks with every referral.
3. Creating Share-Worthy Content
If you do not produce content worth sharing, then you can most likely guess what will occur: No one will share it.
When you write that blog site post or film that video or style that infographic is to create attention for your brand, your objective.
You want to increase brand name awareness, drive traffic to your site, and utilize the material to produce leads.
You even wish to generate social backlinks to your site.
However, obviously, you cant do that if you produce bad content.
Take the time to make it great if youre going to produce the material anyhow. Make it share-worthy.
However how do you do that?
Well, you need to make individuals who share your material look great.

Why are PBNs bad?

Google considers them scammy.

How do I find PBN websites?

Search for sites with high authority and links that you can purchase– but this technique is not recommended.

Are PBNs thought about Black Hat SEO?

Personal Blog Networks Conclusion.
Should you utilize private blog site networks?
As I discussed, they can help your SEO, and they can do it quickly. But the entire time you use them, you run the unfortunate threat of damaging your websites ranking capacity in one fell swoop.
Is the risk worth it?
I hope that youll answer that concern with a “no.”.
SEO is great. However SEO spoiled by spammy strategies is not.
The better alternative is to build your backlinks gradually by guest blogging, composing reviews, creating share-worthy material, leveraging your social platforms, and constructing a loyal audience.
Despite the fact that it might feel like it takes a very long time to increase through the rankings using those methods, thats time well invested.
Youll have assurance knowing that nobody can penalize you for shady techniques.
Personal blog site networks arent black hat. They certainly arent white hat, either.
They are gray hat. Whichs a hat you should not want to use.
Do you think private blog site networks are a charge waiting to occur or a fantastic SEO hack?

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With that start, youll be off and writing reviews for your partners in no time, producing backlinks with every reference.
The leading listing, “Marketing Legend Seth Godin on the Future of Branded Content,” has been shared 16,805 times on Facebook and nearly 100 times on Pinterest. That provides you a quite excellent concept that the content is share-worthy. With a bigger audience comes better SEO, and with better SEO comes a larger audience. And with a larger audience comes much better SEO, and on it goes.

They arent thought about black hat, however they are punished by Google.

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