How to Buy a Domain Name

Merely get in the domain you want to purchase into the search bar and select your domain extension (. When youre buying a domain straight from a domain registrar, you can skip all of the extras. Getting a domain from a hosting service provider isnt perfect if you want to buy domains in bulk. The process of buying a premium domain can be various as well considering that its not constantly clear if the domain is really for sale. Lets state you attempt to register a premium domain from a domain registrar or hosting business.

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Getting a domain name for your site is easy. Do not worry– there are only 4 steps if you have actually never ever done it before.
Throughout my career, Ive bought a lot of domains from various suppliers. Some of those experiences were considerably much better than others.
This guide will explain my four favorite methods to buy a domain. One of those methods will even get you a totally free domain name for the very first year. Ill also reveal you how to buy premium domain and ones that arent for sale.
No matter what domain you desire, by the end of this post you will know how to get it. Keep reading, or jump ahead if you understand what you require.
How to Buy a Domain Name With Bluehost (best for releasing a brand-new site) How to Buy a Domain Name with Namecheap (finest if you just require a domain) How to Buy a Premium Domain (best if you are prepared to spend some money on a domain) How to Buy a Domain Name Thats Not For Sale (finest if the name you desire is already taken) How to Buy a Domain Name With Bluehost
Bluehost is a web hosting service provider. They are one of the most reliable and dependable web hosts on the market today. More than 2 million websites around the world are hosted by Bluehost.
Bluehost also offers domain registration services. If you utilize Bluehost for web hosting, youll get a totally free domain name for one year.
Given that you require a hosting plan anyways, you can use Bluehost as a one-stop-shop to bundle hosting and domain registration into a single bundle. This is a terrific choice for novices starting a brand-new website from scratch..
Action # 1– Navigate to
The primary step is easy. Just make your method over to the Bluehost site.
From here, scan the menu and choose “Hosting” at the top of the screen..
Ill state it again; click HOSTING. Do not click on the “Domains” menu alternative..
If you click the latter, you wont be bundling your hosting plan with domain registration, which defeats the purpose of utilizing Bluehost (and you wont get the domain free of charge).
Step # 2– Choose a Hosting Plan.
The hosting menu will expand and present you with 3 various options:.
Shared HostingDedicated HostingVPS HostingShared hosting will be the very best alternative for 99% of people beginning a new website. Go ahead and select that from the broadened drop-down menu..
Youll still be able to bundle your hosting plan and domain registration (and get a free domain) if you select devoted or VPS, but the majority of you wont need to fret about that right now. Just stick with shared hosting..
Bluehost provides four various shared web hosting strategies to select from– Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro:.
If youre launching a small personal website, the Basic entry-level plan starting at $2.95 each month ought to be great for you. For those of you introducing a website for your business, I d choose the Choice Plus plan, at a minimum..
The extra functions that include this strategy deserve the couple of extra dollars each month..
To continue, just click the “Select” button under the strategy that fits your needs.
Action # 3– Register Your Domain.
Bluehost will immediately prompt you to set up your domain once you pick a web hosting strategy. Youll be provided with two various alternatives here:.
Produce a brand-new domainUse a domain you ownYoull wish to utilize the “Create a brand-new domain” choice to browse for offered domains.
Simply go into the domain you wish to buy into the search bar and choose your domain extension (. com,. web,. blog,. biz,. information,. shop,. co,. us, and so on)..
In the large majority of cases, youre going to desire extension. The only reason that I d consider an alternative domain extension is if domain is taken.
If you try to produce a domain utilizing or, those will undoubtedly be unavailable. However a different extension might be available for purchase.
If youre set on a name, you could always get an alternative extension in the meantime while you figure out how to purchase extension. Ill discuss how to purchase domains that have actually currently been signed up in higher information later on in this guide (although you probably will not have the ability to buy Nike or Apple).
Another reason to consider an alternative domain extension is the price. Lots of these extensions will be more affordable than domain.
For a little blog, side task, or personal website, thats fine if you desire to save a couple of dollars. However organizations ought to always register domain.
Step # 4– Finalize Your Contract.
Simply develop your Bluehost account and pick your plan terms when youve selected an offered domain name.
Certainly make sure you get “Domain Privacy + Protection” located in the “Package Extras” section. Otherwise, your name, email, telephone number, and address will all appear on a public database. Its well worth the additional $0.99 per month..
The other alternatives, like SiteLock Security and Codeguard Basic, are up to you. I d get them, however there are alternative third-party services out there that you can use for website backups and security. I believe its just much easier to get them now.
Thats it!.
Your hosting strategy and brand-new domain purchase will be finalized when you enter your payment details. Your domain is free for the very first year of your contract..
How to Buy a Domain Name With Namecheap.
The marketplace is flooded with domain registrars. Namecheap is certainly my favorite. Its extremely simple for anybody to buy a domain using this registrar, even if its your very first time.
This method is a bit more uncomplicated than using Bluehost, just due to the fact that youre not bundling any other services– Namecheap is strictly for buying a domain..
The whole procedure can be completed in simply 3 fast steps.
Action # 1– Visit
Undoubtedly, the first thing you require to do is make your way over the Namecheap website.
From here, you can browse for your domain straight from the homepage.
Enter your preferred domain name into the search bar, which can be discovered in the center of the screen..
Make sure that “Register” is toggled above that search bar. The “Transfer” choice is produced individuals who have a current domain and want to switch registrars– thats not for you..
Click the search icon to continue..
Step # 2– Choose Your Extension.
As a domain registrar, Namecheap provides a substantial list of domain extensions..
Youll have the choice to pick from things,.
Simply click the “Add to cart” button beside the extensions you desire and after that checkout.
Step # 3– Confirm Your Order.
You can avoid all of the additionals when youre buying a domain directly from a domain registrar. You wont need an SSL certificate, professional email, or anything else. Youll have the ability to get that from your webhosting company.
Absolutely make certain you have WhoisGuard allowed. This safeguards your personal information from being available to the general public. Some domain registrars make you pay extra for this, however Namecheap uses it totally free permanently..
Turn on “auto-renew” for your domain registration. Otherwise, youll need to renew it manually every year, which puts you at threat for the registration lapsing..
Its that simple!.
As soon as you verify the order, youll be asked to develop a Namecheap account. After you enter your payment information and settle the purchase, the domain is yours..
Ways to Buy a Domain Name.
Typically speaking, there are two primary ways to purchase a domain. Both of which have been covered above– domain registrars and hosting suppliers..
There are pros and cons to each approach, and the procedure for each one is extremely different.
Ill quickly describe the differences in between these options so you can determine which one is the best choice for your website..
Purchasing a Domain From a Standalone Domain Registrar.
Going straight to a domain registrar like Namecheap will be your best option. As the name implies, these platforms specialize in domain registration..
Purchasing domains straight from a standalone registrar will be quicker than alternative approaches. Thats because youre not bundling other services, so the procedure is more direct.
Domain registrars likewise make it simpler to purchase domains wholesale. So if youre in the marketplace for more than a single domain, absolutely go with a registrar..
Domain registrars will use considerably more options if you desire alternative extensions. While I generally dont suggest anything aside from domain, a few of you might want to search through numerous alternative extensions..
Moving domain names with a registrar is likewise simpler than using a service that doesnt specialize in domain registration. So if you desire to move your domain or think you may wish to transfer it in the future, use a domain registrar.
Its usually cheaper to purchase domains straight from a registrar. For starters, the domain itself will likely be cheaper. The best registrars, like Namecheap, include WhoisGuard security for complimentary with the purchase of a domain. You most likely will not get that from a hosting company..
The disadvantage of getting your domain from a registrar is that theres an extra action in the procedure. Youll still have to get webhosting somewhere else..
Buying a Domain From a Web Hosting Company.
For the many part, domain registration and webhosting need to be kept individually. Bluehost is the exception to this rule. If you desire to bundle your domain name with a hosting strategy, Bluehost is actually the only choice to consider.
There are a number of main reasons that you d go this path.
For newbies who are new to the world of webhosting and domain registration, getting whatever under one roof is just much easier. Its less actions, and you can manage your hosting strategy and domain name from a single account..
In addition, Bluehost gives you a free domain for one year. Youll never get a deal like that from a domain registrar..
However getting a domain from a hosting supplier isnt perfect if you wish to buy domains in bulk. Its great for a single domain, however beyond that, it gets messy. You also will not have as numerous choices for alternative extensions (if you want something distinct)..
The majority of webhosting service providers will also charge you extra for domain privacy + security, whereas you can get this free of charge from a domain registrar..
How to Buy a Premium Domain.
Premium domains are a terrific method to stand apart online. They are terrific for branding and marketing purposes too.
What is a premium domain?
A premium domain is normally brief, unforgettable, and easy to spell. Top quality domains have a high search volume and are carefully associated with a subject, market, or service.
Premium domains are in high need. The process of purchasing a premium domain can be different as well considering that its not always clear if the domain is actually for sale.
Lets say you attempt to sign up a premium domain from a domain registrar or hosting business. Even if it says “unavailable,” that does not always mean that it cant be acquired. These are the actions for buying a premium domain:.
If the Domain Seems Attainable, step # 1– Determine.
Try going straight to that site and see what you find if a domain is not available from a registrar. If theres an active site or service utilizing that domain, it might be harder to acquire..
If you do not see an active site, theres a great chance that domain will be for sale.
Heres an example for
Plainly, not much is occurring on this site. So if you desired this premium domain, there is a respectable indication here that its for sale..
In many cases, youll even see text like “purchase this domain” or information that says “this domain may be for sale.” All of these are good indications that the domain is obtainable.
Step # 2– Find Out Who Owns the Domain.
There are 2 methods to complete this action:.
Figure it out on your ownHire a domain broker to do it for youDoing it by yourself can be difficult. You might run a fast WHOIS lookup, however many people wont have their individual details noted. Using Google to your advantage can be helpful. Some domains may be connected to another site or social media profile. You could potentially discover the owner that method.
Personally, I d recommend using a broker. Sedo is among my favorite domain marketplaces and brokerage websites.
Brokers can generally discover who owns the domain due to the fact that they have such an enormous network. Theyll determine if the domain is in fact for sale and just how much the seller is requesting. Your broker can even handle the negotiations in your place.
The drawback of using a broker is that youll have to pay a brokerage charge. In the majority of cases, youll just have to pay if the sale really goes through.
Other excellent locations to find a premium domain online consist of:.
If a domain is for sale, youll be able to get the ball rolling with Sedo or among the other options listed above.
Step # 3– Buy and negotiate.
Typically times, the listing rate of a premium domain can be flexible. If you think its a reasonable rate and fits well within your budget, you can speed up the purchasing procedure by providing the asking cost in complete.
If a domain remains in high-demand, this likewise increases your chances of protecting it before somebody else makes a better offer.
However sometimes, domains can be insanely priced. You require to ask yourself if its in fact worth the expense. Sometimes you might be much better off just trying to find another domain. Unless a specific domain is essential to the success of your organization, it can be tough to justify a 5 or six-figure listing price..
Dont be afraid to leave throughout the negotiation procedure. You can move on or try again at a later time if its not implied to be. This is likewise another reason why its valuable to have a broker.
Action # 4– Transfer the Domain.
As soon as the domain has been acquired, the last step is transferring it to your domain registrar. Once again, I recommend for this because its so easy..
Ensure you switch on the auto-renewal after the transfer. Otherwise, youll need to fret about manually restoring your domain each year. If you forget and the name lapses, your premium domain might be up for grabs on the free market.
When you see the domain sitting inside of your domain registrar account, the procedure is officially total. Now you can lastly rest easy knowing that youve secured your premium domain.
How to Buy a Domain Name Thats Not For Sale.
Not every premium domain will be available on a brokerage site or domain marketplace. However if you really want to pursue a specific domain, you still may have a possibility.
Similar to the steps we took in the last area, youll require to determine who owns the domain. If a domain isnt for sale, this step must be a bit much easier, and you can most likely do it on your own..
A lot of domains that arent for sale will be connected to an active site. That website must have some sort of contact information on it. You can reach out straight to get in contact with business owner or decision-maker connected with the domain..
Start with a general inquiry stating that youre interested in buying the domain; do not toss a deal out there just yet (or you might wind up overpaying)..
See what kind of reaction you get and if the site owner wants to sell. Unlike a premium domain thats listed on a domain market, you might need to dig a bit deeper into your pockets to buy a domain thats not currently for sale..
If its absolutely vital that you protect this particular domain, consider making the owner a deal that they cant decline..
Simply be conscious that this will not always work. Its like shopping a house thats not for sale. You can knock on the front door and make a cash deal, but the house owner may decide to sit tight.
If theyre ready to sell, use a broker to make sure the purchase goes efficiently. Immediately move that domain to your registrar after you get ownership.
Buying a domain doesnt need to be that complicated.
Even novices and first-time purchasers can complete this procedure in simply a few minutes by following the detailed guidelines described in this guide.
Buying a premium domain may take a bit longer. Again, you can still make it occur by following the process Ive laid out above. Excellent luck and happy buying!

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