7 ways to improve product descriptions in your online store

Edwin Toonen

Edwin is a strategic material specialist. Prior to signing up with Yoast, he invested years developing his skill at The Netherlands prominent web style magazine.

Platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify make it easy to start one, so why not? One of those is composing excellent product descriptions.

Why would you enhance the descriptions for your items?

There are a lot of opportunities for online stores to enhance their offerings. Whatever you do, theres always an opportunity to enhance your item descriptions.

Two of the most essential tools you have at your disposal to offer your products are product photography and writing item descriptions. An online shop needs to work extra hard to make items on your item pages concrete for your client. Customers cant handle your products in the flesh, so they need to use a description and imagery– so these better are excellent!

Do you require more reasons to enhance your product descriptions? Great item descriptions help you:

Communicate benefits more clearly, develop a voice, improve customer experience, increase the opportunity of ranking your item in the search results page, get higher conversion rates, get more return customers/build relationships, create trust.See what we indicate?

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1. Always concentrate on your consumer

The exact same goes for improving product descriptions. You need to know the item, the consumer, and how they write or talk about this specific item.

Doing keyword research for products also provides you an idea about how to talk about items– not practically which words to utilize. Discover the genuine value of the item and usage customers method of speaking with communicate that.

It might be that the manufacturer came up with a trendy name and description that in no chance aligns with the consumers ideas about this product. A particle destroyer doesnt shout vacuum, right? Dont amplify that; keep it sensible and easy to understand.

2. Do not rely on generic text from producers

Its easy to utilize the descriptions offered by producers. The content remains in the information set, so why not use it? Well, there are a number of reasons that you shouldnt utilize that default description. One, many other online stores selling the very same products use these descriptions. 2, many other online stores offering the exact same products utilize these descriptions. See, duplicate content!

In investigating, search for your product in Google and see which rival turns up. Examine their writing and see how you can top that.

Of course, its difficult for some items to come up with a description that precisely describes the product in your distinct way. Plus, you might have lots of minor variations of an item, causing much frustration in composing those specific descriptions.

3. Dont write for online search engine (however do).

Doing keyword research will give you a concept of which terms a product ranks for– and you understand what people use to describe it. Integrating these helps you compose great product descriptions that can do well for online search engine and consumers alike!

Do not forget to use Yoast SEO to get your product pages ready for the online search engine, plus, if your website operates on WooCommerce, youll enjoy our WooCommerce SEO add-on. If you wish to expand your horizon and increase the possibility of your site turning up in Google, you might start blogging on your ecommerce store.

Among the most essential things to remember is that you are composing for humans, not devices. Naturally, composing a great product description makes it much easier for online search engine to understand it, but that should not be your objective. Your objective is to communicate the items value to consumers and sell it as an option.

4. Concentrate on solving the users pain.

Improve the product descriptions for an online shop.

Its easy to list a selection of plusses that you think are a great fit for the product. Then you may end up with a product description composed from your viewpoint and not the customers. What are they acquiring from using your item?

Remember that you are not merely offering a product to an individual, but you are selling an experience. And, because you desire that client to return sometime in the future, it much better be a great experience!

Remember, you are not selling oral choices, however you are offering an option for bleeding gums. Often, consumers dont even know the name of the product they are looking for– they want to get their problem repaired. Selling your oral choices as simply that may suggest missing out on the people trying to find a quick and simple method can help them minimize their troubles.

Not every piece of text has to be remote and uninteresting. You can use your voice and make it more individual. Establish your intonation and adhere to it! It makes you identifiable, it assists your branding, making you stand out from the crowd.

Helly Hansens coat may bring in awards, but this description is almost indecipherable The same goes for cliches in your writing. Do not utilize cliched language if a routine piece of text can do the job.

The brand-new Renewal toothpaste by Colgate does set out to solve those bleeding gums5. Stay away from cliches and avoid utilizing superlatives.

J. Petermans special voice comes through loud and clear7. Usage user stories and examples.

Focussing on the user intent makes it possible to discover those issues and helps you use solutions with your product.

In this post, weve highlighted 7 ways to write much better item descriptions for your ecommerce site– be that a Shopify or a WooCommerce website. Naturally, there are a lot more ways of doing that, however with these easy suggestions, anybody can improve the marketing copy of their items. Trying to find more ecommerce SEO suggestions? We have an ultimate guide on ecommerce SEO that discuss a lot of topics.

Calling every product the best will accomplish the opposite– nobody will believe anything anymore. Words have power, but you require to learn how to wield that power. Believe thoroughly about which words you use due to the fact that most of the time, less is more. Omit needless words. By utilizing stripped-back language, that single power word can do the job. Of course, if your products have actually won awards or other distinctions, you can extol it– please do so tastefully!

Usage visual and textual examples of your product in usage by real clients. By doing this, possible consumers get a much better feel for the product, its benefits, and use.

Dickies gets straight to the point with a list of the most crucial features, supported by icons that you can rapidly scan6. Make it personal.

It should not always be you that informs the story of a product– the finest seller of your item is somebody who bought it already. Ask your consumers for input and utilize their insights to enhance your material. You may even integrate their stories in your product descriptions.

2 of the most important tools you have at your disposal to sell your items are item photography and writing item descriptions. An online store has to work extra difficult to make items on your item pages concrete for your consumer. You require to know the product, the customer, and how they write or talk about this particular product. Of course, its tough for some items to come up with a description that precisely explains the product in your distinct way. It shouldnt always be you that tells the story of a product– the finest seller of your product is someone who purchased it already.

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