3 Effective Retargeting Strategies That Actually Work (With Examples)

Retargeting is among the finest methods to close sales that didnt happen.
On top of that, retargeting efforts are quite low-cost compared to many types of advertising.
How do you do it? What retargeting efforts do you need to attempt?
Here are three examples of retargeting that really work, how to copy them, and what you require to understand about the future of retargeting.

1. Retarget Specific URL Visits
There are a lot of ways to go incorrect with retargeting.
Some marketers fire up Facebook or Google Ads and run a retargeting campaign based on website gos to in the past 90 days.
That can work, its not actually that efficient. As you probably understand, Im all about working smarter, not harder.
I like to spend as little time on a task as I can, but get the same advantages as somebody who spends hours and hours on the exact same job.
I utilized to run Facebook retargeting campaigns in their Business Manager function (now referred to as the Facebook Business Suite).
I d just retarget everyone who arrived on my site.
That didnt truly work. My conversion rates were the very same as my site: low.
People werent prepared to buy yet. Why? I cast too wide of an internet.
You cant reasonably anticipate a 50 percent conversion rate on an audience of millions.
Lets state that visitor X came to your site and read a single blog site post and bounced.
Now lets say visitor Y concerned your site, read that same post, however then likewise completed a lead-magnet type and even examined out your product and rates page.
Whats your basic website visitor retargeting offer going to be now?
That will not make sense to visitor Y if you use a lead magnet. That will not use to visitor X yet if you provide a complimentary trial.
You run the risk of sending out the wrong deal to the wrong individual at the wrong phase of their buyers journey.
So what do I recommend? Targeting users by particular actions taken on your website.
For example, take a look at this retargeting ad I got:

Notice how hyper-focused that targeting, messaging, and material are?
The advertisement is actually about a single item they provide.
I saw their products, and they noticed I invested big quantities of time and frequency on their pie crust page. Who does not like pie?
They utilized that information to target me with an advertisement focused on how to use their pie crusts.
They offered me an example of how their item could supply value in my life.
Thats one of the finest methods of retargeting Ive ever seen.
Why? Due to the fact that people who dont transform on your products usually experience 2 things:
They do not wish to pay you money yet.They do not understand how your item can assist them.Jaspers Market efficiently discussed the 2nd point in a strong way.
They communicated exactly how I could find worth in the product I was already taking a look at.
Heres another example of retargeting advertisement:

Again, discover how tailored the targeting remains in this ad.
It was delivered to everybody who landed on a particular websites URL, rather than retargeting all site visitors.
This enabled the company to target their ad to a group of interested, possible buyers and get them back to their website.
I visited their webinar-training landing page and was instantly retargeted after not transforming.
Or, how about this example from Marketo:

I visited their material marketing e-book page to learn more about cheap material creation techniques.
Simply a couple of days later, after not converting or revisiting, they reeled me in with a particular, CTA-oriented, retargeting ad based upon the specific page I visited.
The point is:
Retargeting based on particular URL visits works. Its one of the finest retargeting approaches Ive seen.
How do you do it?
There are two platforms I suggest: Google Ads and Facebook.
For this example, we can utilize Facebook since its one of the most popular methods to run retargeting advertisements.
Plus, I discover much greater success on Facebook over screen advertisements on GoogleAds.
But to each their own.
To begin, open the Facebook Business Suite and develop a new, custom audience. Youll click “More Tools” then “Ad Manager” currently, but they do upgrade their platform routinely.
Create a new advertisement project, then include your details up until you get to the audience. Select “create a brand-new custom audience.”
Custom-made audiences on Facebook should be your leading retargeting technique.
They enable some of the most diverse personalization options marketers can utilize.
You can produce a brand-new custom audience from the drop-down menu.
From the menu of custom-made audience alternatives, we desire to pick site traffic as our marketing objective.
This audience type will permit you to develop lists of people who visited particular URLs.
For the next action, be sure to choose “People who went to particular websites.”
From here, you can get as detailed as you desire.
Are you prepping for a webinar? Do you have a landing page youre driving traffic to for a particular goal?
Do you discover that lots of people read about your item however do not transform?
This is your time to get them back.
Remember that Jaspers Market example? They saw that I often checked out a specific item on their site however didnt purchase.
You can do that by adding URL pages that consist of that particular word.
You can further improve your Facebook retargeting advertisements by:
device usedfrequency Doing this will inform you one major thing:
The individuals visiting this product with high-frequency require a little push to convert.
Use an advertisement that reveals them how to use that product. Show them the worth or advantage of buying it.
Given that theyve viewed the item several times, you understand theyre probably nearly all set to buy.
Using this kind of retargeting is among the most reliable methods to transform visitors.
2. Retargeting Existing Customers
You may ask, “Neil, why on Earth would I want to retarget existing clients?”
Ill offer you one basic reason: to resurrect unresponsive email subscribers who have not acquired in a while.
One huge issue with e-mail lists is that the majority of your subscribers become unresponsive at some time.
The list will experience “churn,” where brand-new visitors sign up with and old ones end up being unresponsive.
This implies your e-mail upsells arent even reaching your designated user.
So what do you do? Start retargeting your existing clients.
I like this method since its exceptionally inexpensive due to the fact that the advertisements are so relevant, which implies your CTR will be high.
For example, have a look at this ad I obtained from AT&T for Small Business:
They already know Im an existing consumer whos utilizing their products/service.
Yet, they retargeted me anyway.
Why? Due to the fact that they wished to upsell me on new products as I was ending up being unresponsive to their business email list.
Or how about this advertisement from American Express:
Im currently a customer, and they desired me to transform by getting another charge card with them.
Are you seeing a pattern with these examples?
They focus on retargeting visitors who have actually formerly converted or are existing customers.
Heres one of my favorite retargeting examples of this approach from ModCloth.
We miss you like insane!
The targeting premise of this ad is quite obvious.
Theyre retargeting old consumers who have not purchased in a while.
This example works.
Why? Suggesting you run the risk of nothing by asking them to come back since individuals have actually currently converted on your items and services.
Its extremely simple to set up, too.
Once again, you can do this on either AdWords or Facebook, and it just takes a few minutes to set up.
To get started, head to Facebooks Ads Manager and browse to the audience section, then click Create an Audience.
From here, produce another Custom Audience, and select Customer List.
Thats where you can publish your audience list. If a green check mark shows up, then you are great to go. If you see a yellow exclamation point, you might need to upgrade some identifiers by hand.
This will allow us to import contacts directly from MailChimp or publish an exported list of old or existing customers.
The key here is to arrange your customer file or e-mail list by how old or unresponsive clients are.
Do not squander cash advertising to them if you have clients that are consistently buying from you.
Focus your efforts on clients that havent converted in a while or who have not reacted to marketing emails.
This will provide you another excellent shot at bringing them back to your items.
3. Lead-gen Ads Based on Page Engagement
If you arent finding success with website-based retargeting efforts, this might be your best choice.
Facebook has a powerful list building tool called “Lead Ads.”
These are basically form-based advertisements that use lead magnets in exchange for consumer details like e-mail address and task type.
Its the exact same idea as running an e-book lead magnet on a landing page on your site, just on Facebook.
They are one of the most user-friendly, natural-looking types you can develop.
Heres an example of how they look and work:
Theyre beautiful, flawlessly incorporated ads that provide a lead magnet for the client.
And among the very best methods to run these ads is by utilizing Facebook page engagement as a retargeting setting.
Before we delve into the how-to information, lets take a look at a few of these examples and how effective they can be.
Heres a lead generation ad from AdEspresso:
When I click on the ad, Im taken directly to a lead-gen form within Facebook.
This is exceptionally efficient in getting people to convert because it does not force them to leave Facebook.
Individuals dont search Facebook every day to see advertisements.
They browse it to connect with family and friends or check out news short articles.
So taking someone offsite is a big danger that can lose your advertisement invest and lower conversions.
Thats why lead ads are so successful. They dont interrupt the process or practice of a normal Facebook user, yet they still permit them to get the lead magnet.
Ive utilized these types of advertisements before.
Theyre great for supplying a precise CTA that gets individuals to convert.
So why should you retarget individuals based upon Facebook page engagement?
Due to the fact that you understand these users are active on Facebook, which means your retargeting efforts are going to be a lot more successful.
These hyper-aware users are likely always having a look at new brand names on social networks.
It only makes good sense to target them with Facebook Ads.
To get started with a lead-generation ad, we first require to create an audience based on page engagement.
Produce a custom audience, then pick “Facebook Page” from the list of sources:
From here, you have a bunch of choices to select from depending upon how particular you wish to be in your retargeting.
You can retarget anybody who engaged with a post or ad, someone who formerly clicked on a CTA, or someone who conserved your page or post.
As soon as youve chosen a retargeting metric, you can save this audience and head to the Facebook Ads Manager to develop a new lead-gen ad.
Select “Lead generation” as your marketing objective.
Next, choose your ad format.
For this, I suggest utilizing a single image, single video, or slideshow.
Carousels are frequently too complicated for a basic lead-generation-focused ad.
Next, you require to lead and edit the content magnet on the advertisement.
This is the area where you start to produce an offer or incentive for these retargeted consumers to give you their e-mail address.
For instance, are you going to offer an e-book, white paper, coupon, or something else?
You need to provide a reason to complete your form and click the call to action.
Make certain to edit your form fields and optimize them to your needs based upon that audience.
Be sure to limit your kind questions in the next step to only get the most important information.
You do not desire to overwhelm visitors or take up excessive of their time.
The objective here is to collect leads in a simple, painless method.
Facebooks page-based retargeting is among my favorite methods to drive users back to my site or transform on lead magnets and items.
Theyre often extremely engaged audiences who use Facebook differently than many users.
Rather of generally utilizing it to interact with family or friends, they actively seek out organizations on the platform.
Utilize this as an opportunity to convert visitors that wouldnt transform on your website, or revealed interest in your pages.
Frequently Asked Questions About Retargeting Strategies
What are a few of the top retargeting strategies?

Retarget specific URL sees; retarget existing clients; and retarget leads based on-page engagement.

What is an example of retargeting?

Showing Facebook ads to somebody who formerly visited your website on their mobile browser.

Is remarketing worth it?

Yes, remarketing is worth the effort if you are able to execute a successful campaign. Targeting those who have actually communicated with your brand and come close to acquiring provides you a better opportunity of making a sale than by targeting an audience who has never become aware of or communicated with your brand name prior to.
Essentially, youre interacting with your leads at a later stage in the conversion funnel.

Can you run marketing and remarketing campaigns at the exact same time?

Yes, you can run concurrent campaigns.

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Retargeting Strategies Conclusion
Most of your site traffic simply wont transform on the first go to. They do not know who you are, what you do, and even how you could assist them.
They simply arent all set, or prepared, to buy your product or service.
When they are closer to conversion, retargeting ads assist bring those users back.
Regardless of “banner loss of sight,” there are still a couple of ways to retarget visitors without driving them insane.
Start by retargeting specific URL visits. This is one of the most precise retargeting efforts you can use to transform customers.
I see it all the time on my Facebook feed and I constantly transform on them.
Next, try retargeting unresponsive, existing customers.
For example, if someone hasnt transformed in the past six months, send them a couple of ads to drive more sales.
Lastly, conduct lead-generation ads that correspond with engagement on your website.
This will assist you pull in users who are currently engaged and thus more likely to be responsive to the ads.
Just keep in mind: retargeting efforts require to be hyper-focused and specific to drive conversions.
What retargeting efforts have worked finest for you?

Individuals werent all set to buy. I cast too broad of a net.
Thats where you can submit your audience list. If a green check mark reveals up, then you are excellent to go. If you see a yellow exclamation point, you may need to update some identifiers by hand.

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