16 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement by 154%

Tap on “Go to Ad Library.”.
If the page is (or has) run ads, youll be able to see them here. This suggests you can see the advertisements they are running now and see what they have actually run in the past.
Given, you do not have access to insights about how well advertisements performed, but you can see if they tend to use the very same ad copy or types of images and use those methods for your own page.
Covert Facebook Tool # 9: Page Competition Gauge.
I like to have a solid understanding of who my competitors is and what theyre up to.
How do I know who my competitors is? Luckily, Facebooks algorithm has figured it out for me.
To utilize this feature, go to your Facebook Page Insights. From Insights, scroll down till you see “Pages to Watch.”.
By default, Facebook reveals you five possible competitors, however you can view more by clicking “See More Suggested Pages.”.
When you add a competitor to your viewed pages, youll be able to keep up with their activity, development rates, total likes, and the frequency of their posts.
This info will help you comprehend how youre doing and what you might require to change.
Concealed Facebook Tool # 10: Find Where Your Followers Are Coming From.
It is essential to find out where your fans are coming from so you can understand how to get more.
One practical way to get this details is once again through Page Insights.
Then look for “Where your page follows occur.” Facebook shows you follow amounts according to five places:.
Uncategorized DesktopOn Your PageSearchPage SuggestionsAdsIf a particular source shows large follow rates, attempt to reverse engineer what took place, then do it again.
Concealed Facebook Tool # 11: Identify Audience Signals on Page Insights.
One way that I utilize metrics to improve my targeting is to view my Facebook page insights, especially the market info.
When seeing this info, Im trying to find strong positives– indications that my audience favors a particular market.
For instance, this page shows a strong positive for males and females between the ages of 25-44.
If youre 21, theres only a little opportunity youre going to be interested in my page. By contrast, if youre a 30-year old male, there is a far more powerful probability that you will have an interest in this page.
This information helps me understand how, where, and upon whom to focus my advertising and marketing efforts.
Hidden Facebook Tool # 12: Pull Email Addresses.
Developing an e-mail list is hard these days. No matter how enticing your content upgrade, asking for somebodys e-mail address is tantamount to requesting for their social security number.
With Facebook Messenger marketing, thats no longer the case.
You can produce a Facebook Messenger chatbot that asks for an individuals email address. All they do is click a button to pre-fill their address.
Facebook does all the work for you.
Heres what the bot looks like in MobileMonkey.
As long as you set the input type as email, Facebook will understand to pull the users e-mail address as theyve entered it when producing a Facebook account. No typos, absolutely nothing.
This is another case of utilizing 2 various channels to get details and engage your users. It makes the procedure simple and automatic when you utilize a chatbot.
Hidden Facebook Tool # 13: Pull Phone Numbers.
If theres one thing harder to receive from a client than their e-mail address, its their contact number.
Once again, powered by chatbots, its a cinch. Utilizing input type “phone” in MobileMonkey indicates that youre guaranteed to get the users main contact number as they provided when and if they kept their telephone number in Facebook.
Its understandable that people are reluctant to enter their telephone number on an unfamiliar platform.
Naturally, individuals are reluctant to enter their phone number on an unfamiliar platform– a contact kind on your website.
Its quite a various convenience level when they are requested a contact number in a familiar messaging app, and Facebook automatically adds the number.
All that your contact has to do is tap their contact number.
Surprise Facebook Tool # 14: Website Chat Widget.
This one seems obvious, however once again its surprising how couple of sites are putting the power of a website chat widget to work.
Examine this out. If you go to MobileMonkeys website, there is a chat widget on almost every page.
All you have to do is click and youre presented to a Messenger series with MobileMonkey if youve logged into Facebook Messenger on that browser.
This sequence powered by a chatbot brings you further down the funnel.
Among the distinct and effective features of this funnel is that it is self-guided. You feel as if youre in control– making options and choosing options.
Regardless of your options, however, you are making much deeper connections with the marketing and the brand funnel.
Surprise Facebook Tool # 15: Track Specific Facebook Conversions.
The advantage about Facebook Ads Manager is that you have access to a load of information.
The bad thing about Facebook Ads Manager is that you likewise have access to a heap of details.
Take conversions, for instance.
Excellent for you if youre tracking them. But which conversions are you tracking? Here are the options:.
I call this one “concealed” due to the fact that true conversions are basically in Ad Manager beneath a great deal of other sound.
You have to narrow down your conversion tracking to just the conversions that you require to understand about.
For among my companies, I just focus on five types of conversions.
Whatever else is ineffective.
Ive blogged about this before; when you get clarity on what to track, youll do a lot better at making real development with your Facebook advertising.
Hidden Facebook Tool # 16: Messenger Drip Campaigns.
You understand how potent an excellent drip campaign can be if youve been in internet marketing for any quantity of time.
Imagine increasing this potency by 10x.
Thats precisely what a Facebook Messenger drip project can do. Once again, the power is in the chatbot builder.
MobileMonkeys drip campaign feature just takes a click to start.
Unlike an email drip campaign, which can take days or weeks to complete, a Facebook Messenger drip campaign can be completed in a matter of minutes or hours.
Plus, when you utilize a chatbot, the entire series can be interactive. You can produce choices and engage the user on a far much deeper level.
Facebook Hidden Marketing Tools FAQs.
How can I use Facebook as a marketing tool? You can utilize Facebook to run advertisements, produce and promote your own Facebook service page, join groups related to your industry and post your advertising content there. Why is Facebook a great marketing tool?
Covert Facebook Marketing Tools Conclusion.
Theres method more to Facebook than meets the eye.
Theres a reason that many of the concealed marketing tools above focus on Facebook Messenger.
Facebook Messenger marketing has actually essentially changed the game, and its done so in two areas where marketing falls or increases:.
Interactivity and discussion: Messenger marketing, even when powered by a bot, has a personal feel. Speed of engagement: Unlike the glacial speed of e-mail marketing (like drip campaigns), Messenger marketing has a much swifter cadence. Like the banner advertisements of years previous, Messenger marketing will lose its luster as individuals end up being accustomed to it.
By engaging Messenger marketing now, youll have a far more powerful advantage.
What Messenger marketing tactics does your brand name or company presently use?

Facebook engagement is simpler and more valuable than you ever imagined.
I found this out the difficult way.
At one point, I was spending numerous thousands of dollars a month on Facebook Ads.
Sure, I was getting some huge successes. But I was also wasting a heap of money.
For instance, I as soon as invested $400,000 on Facebook fan page likes.

I still feel dumb for that a person.
The engagement just wasnt there. I had a great deal of fans, however really little actual engagement.
I had no concept that surprise tools within Facebooks extensions, insights, and apps (and a couple of external tools) could have made my Facebook advertisement invest 80 times more reliable.
Facebook marketing resembles an iceberg. The majority of people see the top part– Facebook ads. They spend their whole time enhancing that bit of capacity.
The genuine power is underneath. Its hidden.
Thats why I created this list.
I desire you to know exactly what those hidden Facebook marketing tools are and how you can increase your engagement by 154 percent, as I did.
Prior to we get started, for the first few surprise tools you require Mobile Monkey to use all of the methods (its totally free).
A few of the covert tools Ill share are within Facebook; you simply do not understand about them.
Concealed Facebook Tool # 1: Facebook Messenger Marketing
This one is hiding in plain sight: Facebook Messenger marketing.
For some reason, not many online marketers are making the most of Messenger marketing, although its the hottest chance in digital marketing today.
What does this mean for you? It implies that you can acquire very first movers advantage.
Utilizing Facebook Messenger for marketing is as easy as it sounds … you send out messages to consumers on Facebook Messenger.
What makes this channel various from other marketing approaches like email marketing is the outcomes.
Where else can you get engagement outcomes like that?
I dont understand of any, and Ive done a fair bit of internet marketing.
The best way to begin with Facebook Messenger marketing is with MobileMonkey.
MobileMonkey is a powerful chatbot home builder that I use personally. Chatbots are necessary for scoring sky-high open rates, CTRs, and conversion rates.
And most importantly, its totally free.
Surprise Facebook Tool # 2: Comment Guard (Private Reply via Messenger).
When they comment on your Facebook post, a remark guard is a Facebook Messenger marketing feature that permits you to add brand-new contacts to your contact list.
Heres how it works:.
You post something on Facebook as typical. When they engage with this reply, they are added to your Facebook Messenger contact list.
Say you publish something on your Facebook page that has high engagement potential, such as a meme, a quiz, a contest, a concern, whatever. All the comments arent just comments any longer; theyre warm leads.
Youll need to utilize MobileMonkey in order to pull this off, but its truly easy.
Simply click the “FB remark guard” button using the MobileMonkey app.Create an autoresponder message. Point them to your Messenger chat landing page.Add the comment guard to your chosen Facebook post.Hidden Facebook Tool # 3: Click to Messenger Ads.
A Click-to-Messenger Advertisement is a normal Facebook advertisement with a twist. Instead of sending out people to a landing page, you send them to a Facebook Messenger bot series.
It appears like this:.
Once the person begins the Facebook Messenger series, they are a lead. The chatbot takes over to bring them through the conversion funnel.
For example, you could have your chatbot ask users questions, and send them provides based upon their reactions.
It can be hard to manually respond to thousands of messages. Rather, you can direct those chat from your Messenger Ads straight to a MobileMonkey chatbot, which can ask qualifying questions and engage users at scale.
Have a look at this post, for step by step instructions on leveraging this technique.

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A lot of people see the top part– Facebook ads. You post something on Facebook as typical. When they engage with this reply, they are included to your Facebook Messenger contact list. Find my Facebook page and tap the “i” button. You can utilize Facebook to run ads, develop and promote your own Facebook service page, join groups related to your industry and post your promotional material there.

Hidden Facebook Tool # 4: Chat Blaster.
Chat blasting is an effective technique for getting your message in front of your whole Facebook Messenger list in minutes.
Ive handled chat blasting campaigns that scored a 96.9 percent open rates in just sixty minutes.
With MobileMonkey, you can set up chat blasts, bulk send, develop interactive Messenger sequences, create special deals, and anything else that helps your marketing.
To begin, simply click “Chat Blaster” in the app.
Chat Blaster likewise has the ability to section audiences. A number of the campaigns I manage include thousands of contacts, so I wish to narrow down my contacts to just the right targets.
Producing sectors is basic using MobileMonkey, which permits you to “Create Audience” with a click.
Your audience can carry out self-segmentation when the chat blast sends out.
Concealed Facebook Tool # 5. Warm Engaged Invites.
One tactic that Ive utilized to construct my Facebook audience is by personally inviting people who engage with my Facebook page to become a page fan.
From your company Facebook page (desktop), find a post that has engagement.
Utilizing this tool, you view the individuals who engaged with your post and can welcome people to like the page.
The reason this is valuable is that youre able to target engaged fans. If you have a great deal of Facebook fans, however not a great deal of engagement, Facebooks algorithm will penalize you.
Instead, identify those individuals who will be engaged and by hand welcome them.
Hidden Facebook Tool # 6: Send Personal Invites in Messenger.
Another strategy is welcoming your friends to like your business page, and also sending out the invite in Messenger.
This allows you to personalize the message and give them two touches rather of just one.
Click on the “Community” button on your Facebook page, then click “Invite Friends to Like Your Page.”.
Here, you can welcome buddies and produce an individualized message. Make certain to examine package at the bottom to send out the invite using Messenger.
Covert Facebook Tool # 7: Competitor Ad Espionage.
Im a substantial fan of ethical espionage.
On the planet of SEO, its not that tough.
Simply plug in a URL to something like RankSignals.
Boom, you have intel.
A lot of this information is actually valuable.
With numerous brands now investing countless dollars on Facebook ads, how do you get a handle on that kind of information?
You will not be able to get your rivals targeting info and ad spend however you can discover where, how often, and what the competitors is marketing.
Surprise Facebook Tool # 8. View Competitors Ads.
Ever want you could see exactly what ads your competitors are running? In fact, you can– best in Facebook.
Lets say Im the competition and you desire to spy on me. Discover my Facebook page and tap the “i” button. (It might be on the right or under the “Details” tab, depending upon the gadget youre using.).
On this page, you can find out if the page has actually ever changed names, when it was produced, and where the page supervisors lie. This can be convenient intel.

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